At The Workers’ Comp Law Firm, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We work diligently and handle each case with compassion and professionalism. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect, as we never lose sight of their needs. Our consideration for our clients can be seen by the appreciation they share for our hard work.

Crystal McKinzie: I was probably the worst client they've ever had, and Ted was a class act dealing with me. Please go to Worker's Comp Law Firm for any workers comp legal matter you have they don't disappoint!

Allan Beegle: I grew up in the community and have known Matt for many years. This law firm has been a staple since I can remember. I was assigned Ted as my attorney. He is young yes but intelligent, progressive and an outside the box thinker. He works tirelessly on your case. I honestly dont think he sleeps. Christina is also great. She handled all needed paperwork.relaying messages among a lot other duties. Ted did a great job on my case and i would like to thank everyone involved. This is a professional and competent law firm that when you need them they are there for you. Highly recommend them. You cant get better than this team

Gerald Holmes: Ted was amazing! I looked at him and thought this guy is cocky and very young but respectful and knowledgeable he uses it all very well . Ted stays on his points at all times in the hearings not one stumble just flowing with it. I believe when he was done speaking, the case was already decided in his favor. Thank you Matt, Ted, and Christine.

Erika Cole: Hi Matt, Thank You so much for everything that you’ve done! I’m so glad that the Lord guided me to you, You’re a Terrific Lawyer! Even though I waited eight months before calling you for help, I was very surprised (and please) with the amount of the award. I can’t thank you enough! That’s going to help us a great deal, especially since I’m now going into my sixth month of unemployment. Everyone in your office was extremely supportive and encouraging. Jackie, Jessica and Jennifer were a pleasure to work with. They always treated me with respect, understanding and patience. Thank You for helping me through the most vulnerable time in my entire life. I hate to think where I would have ended up without you!

Corey Smith: Ted has worked on my case since 2018. He knew what he was doing when it came down to business. Worked long hours to get my case resolved. Made sure things were in order and went smoothly. Answered all my questions and left me satisfied in the end. Out going personality, easy to communicate with and makes you feel comfortable in nervous situations. If you are looking for a Workers Comp Law Firm, this is the one! Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself! Consultation is free!

Fiona Joinville: I was a client for this firm from mid 2018 until December 2019. My former employer really dragged this case out. There were time I wanted to give up. I definitely felt reassured that everything would be okay because of Ted. Ted is an amazing lawyer and worked really hard on my case. He was very responsive, honest, and dedicated.

Karen Sheeren: My experience with the entire staff has been very professional, courteous, and friendly. The detailed hardwork of my attorneys has been very successful in and out of court. Explanations and caring go hand in hand through the entire process. They will fight for everything owed to you like they are fighting for themselves. Thanking them is the least I can say and do. I highly reccomend Workers Comp Law Firm.

Gracelyn Dillian Gordon: I have no words to Express my gratitude to this firm. They have represented me twice and both times after I tried other firms. The difference is that they honestly cared about me and doesn't pretend to care. They understand and are empathetic, I needed someone to care not necessarily about compensation but about me getting back on my feet and both times they've represented ME. Called me on my worst days and not soo good days and even when I wasn't so becoming they listened and facilitated me. There's are many commercials which says if you have a phone you have a lawyer, that's not necessarily true. This firm may have small people but with giant hearts, whatever your goliath is they will be your David. I pray that God restores me completely but if ever anyone I know is in trouble they'll be the first to call.